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EMC testing for the aerospace industry

Manufacturers in the aerospace industry need to be able to rely on an effective means of testing primarily the D0-160 and MIL-STD461 standards. Whether it’s complete aircraft, satellites, avionics or other onboard component technology, testing ranges that comply with the latest regulations are required to ensure safe and cost-effective development.

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Suitable for aerospace standards

Comtest’s aerospace chambers are suitable for testing the following standards:

  • D0-160
  • MIL-STD461

Comtest solutions for aerospace testing

Comtest offers the following solutions for aerospace testing:

  • Antenna test ranges
  • Reverberation chambers
  • DO-160 chambers for component testing

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Comtest has more than thirty years of experience with the design and construction of antenna test ranges, and EMC test chambers for aerospace related testing. If you’re interested in a custom designed facility for aerospace testing, get in touch with our engineers for more information using our online forms.

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